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IV Placement Workshop

Image by Samuel Ramos

IV Course Description

This one-day workshop has been designed to help students who have experience as a practicing EMT, RN, LPN, MA or Phlebotomist gain didactic and "hands-on" experience with the theory and skills needed to insert a peripheral IV. Content includes criteria for vein selection, vein location and identification, selection of supplies and equipment, and potential complications of IV therapy. Information on legal aspects, malpractice insurance, and proper documentation will be included. Supplies will be provided for practicing insertion and removal of peripheral IV catheters using anatomical models and individual competency validation will be provided by the instructor at the end of the program.

IV Course Details


Requirements: Students should have experience as a practicing EMT, RN, LPN, MA or Phlebotomist.

Total Clock Hours: 8

Credentialing Upon Completion: Certificate of Completion

Image by Hiroshi Tsubono
Image by insung yoon

IV Therapy Schedule & Tuition

Classes are held on Saturdays.

Class Cost: $500

Registration: $100       Tuition: $200     Materials: $100

*Deposit: $300 (must be paid to reserve your seat)

*Remaining balance: $200 is due before the start of class

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