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A phlebotomy technician draws quality blood samples from patients or blood donors and prepare those specimens for medical testing. This Phlebotomy training program is designed to prepare students to become a phlebotomy tech by offering lecture and hands on training. All students will master the art of:

  • Anatomy
  • Medical Terminology
  • Collecting, Transporting, Handling and Processing Blood Samples for Analysis
  • Identifying the proper equipment to be used
  • Recognizing the proper order of blood draw and the importance
  • Hands on Clinical
  • Adhering to Safety Policies OSHA/HIPPA
  • Understanding the importance of the lab
  • Knowledge to pass the National Exam to become a CPT
  • Hybrid classes includes chapters, assignments, and tests. Students will be scheduled to come to class 4 days out of the week starting on week 4 to acquire hands on training, and the 7th week will be used for testing.
  • In-person classes are Monday - Thursday, 120 hours of applied studies
  • Perform 50 successful venipuncture sticks to complete course (test-out)
  • Perform 10 successful capillary puncture to complete course (test-out)
  • Students will master using straight needles as well as butterflies, vacuum collection devices and capillary needles.


Students will receive their certificate of completion on the last day of class!​

Instructional Areas

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